Structure of the project


Medical University of Lodz
Faculty of Medicine, Department Pediatry, Onkology and Hematology


Partner 1

Wroclaw University of Science and Technology
Chemistry Faculty
Department of Chemical Biology and Bioimaging



Partner 2

Jagiellonian University in Krakow
Faculty of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biotechnology
Department of Microbiology


General description of the managing team – division of roles and tasks in the project

Management structure
This part has been developed to determine the key management roles in order to ensure smooth day-to-day operation and to minimize disruptions associated with the initiatives being taken. In order to establish efficient management structure we have decided that it will be in line with Prince2® methodology thus it will comprise 4 main levels:

  1. Programme level: Management of beneficiary institutions (Figure1)
  2. Board level: Scientific and Economic Committee
  3. Project managing team level: Project Coordinator (PC), Project Managing Team Members (PMTM), Project Manager (PM), Innovation Broker (IB)
  4. Leaders projects